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Unearthed : Trail of Ibn Battuta

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The first time I saw the game on this one, like thousands of other gamers around the world, I immediately thought of the popular game series of artificial Naughty Dogs for PS3 is Uncharted. Not only the title is very similar, but the design of the protagonist of this game looks very similar to Nathan Drake, cool tomb raider of the series Uncharted. Nonetheless, when we look at the collection of screenshots from this game on Steam, there is one thing that really caught my attention, it is the design of the female hero of this game is performed by using the veil / hijab.

Because quite surprised by the design of the character of this game, I began to look for more information about this one game. Game titled Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta was developed by Semaphore, studio game from Saudi Arabia. This game is already released on iOS and PS3 since May 2013 ago, but only this weekend Unearthed available for Windows and Mac via Steam. According to the explanation that no Steam, the game has been getting a lot of updates and changes follow feedback from gamers who already play. Continue reading