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Run Home Chicago - 5K RUN/WALK


Following is the schedule for the Run Home Chicago 5K Race:

Race Check-In: 8am
All runners check-in and receive their running packet; due to the large volume of runners, we urge everyone to arrive an hour prior to race kick-offs.
Competitive runners are asked to head to the front of the crowd, walkers and strollers will follow.

Registration Fees:

  • $20 - Run or Walk
  • $20 - Kids Dash (12 and under)

The racecourse is equipped with refueling and medical attention stations.

Parking is available at the Erickson Woods Forest Preserve. Parking is limited so carpooling is encouraged. Additional parking is available across Willow Road on the following residential streets: Lockwood, Linden, and Orchard.

Race results, running photos and other pictures highlighting the event will be posted on this website the day after the Run Home Chicago race.

How to Train for Your First 5K

The 5K run, a total of 3.1 miles, is ideal for walkers, recreational runners and joggers, parents with strollers and even entire families walking together. This distance, favored by most charitable running events, stimulates the running spirit in those who are not competitive runners, and gives everyone a chance to run for a cause. For those who are not runners, this is a great opportunity to improve your personal fitness and perhaps develop an affinity for running. Beginners of all ages can prepare for the race by following this 6-week 5K training guide, provided by Running Planet.

In addition to the training program, there is much to be said for the power of positive thinking, especially since this physical endeavor can bear a considerable challenge for beginning runners. It is very normal to be discouraged or feel the urge to give up during this process, especially since training involves exerting lots of physical energy. It is also very normal to set expectations too high and be disppointed with performance, which can derail your efforts. To maintain a positive and open mind, and avoid discouragement when beginning a training schedule, accept that some days, and runs, will be better than others. For success, you must maintain a positive mindset and stick to your training schedule. A helpful strategy is to visualize yourself completing your run.

I'm new to running. Can I still participate in the 5K?

  • The 5K (3 mile) run is ideal for new runners because it’s just as easy to walk this distance if necessary. So it's a great opportunity to get involved in the sport while supporting affiliate charities. Also, plenty of refueling stations will be there to help you along the way.

Can I walk with a stroller during the 5K race?

  • Yes, you can push a stroller during the race. However, you must begin the race behind the runners for safety reasons.

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