Metal Slug 5

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It is one of the popular old game, Metal Slug 5, the game is now present in the mobile game version of Windows Phone-based gadgets.

Only Crew KotGa not guarantee that this game is a genuine product of its licensors. However, at least Kotakers can try out the excitement that the game presented background on a rescue mission in a war.

Metal Slug 5 is a platformer shooter game themed war hero who brings a cool character. Published in 2D pixel graphics, does not detract from the cool action hero. Continue reading


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You’ll play as one warrior clans Tenno, an ancient clan who fell asleep for centuries and finally woke back to war. Your opponent is Grineer, a humanoid race in cloning and has a strong military capability; Corpus, the corporation that has a robot army; and Infested, which is the victim of a virus Technocyte.

When first starting the game you will choose your own Warframe. Warframe itself is exoskeleton / character would you use during play. Each Warframe have the skill and the advantages of its own. Continue reading

Tactical Intervention

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In Tactical Intervention, you’ll play as one of the camps: Terrorist or Counter Terrorist just like in CS and later fought in one game mode. You can choose weapons and clothes would you wear in a battle which will be the loadout presets can be selected before the match starts.

When in action, you can do some movements that may be quite rare in FPS. You can lean to the left or right so that your body can be protected if you are involved in a firefight. In addition you can also do blindfire. Yes! FPS rarely gives the player the ability blindfire. Continue reading

Oceanhorn : Monster of Uncharted Seas

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Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas deliberately buried for a long time before this review was made. The main reason is to introduce a new format of our review and the second that I really get the “feel” of the game. I think this is important because the game is under the spotlight of the media as Zelda clones resulting in numerous reviews (including this review) Oceanhorn continue to be aligned with Zelda. I think this is actually not fair but the developer must already know the risks like this ever since they decided to make a game with the theme of Zelda.

And what about the Oceanhorn? Is this a clone of Zelda? In terms of gameplay yes, but in terms of quality of content both still are in a different level (with a superior Zelda of course). But this time I will not have much to compare it with Zelda because of two things: Zelda Continue reading

Unearthed : Trail of Ibn Battuta

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The first time I saw the game on this one, like thousands of other gamers around the world, I immediately thought of the popular game series of artificial Naughty Dogs for PS3 is Uncharted. Not only the title is very similar, but the design of the protagonist of this game looks very similar to Nathan Drake, cool tomb raider of the series Uncharted. Nonetheless, when we look at the collection of screenshots from this game on Steam, there is one thing that really caught my attention, it is the design of the female hero of this game is performed by using the veil / hijab.

Because quite surprised by the design of the character of this game, I began to look for more information about this one game. Game titled Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta was developed by Semaphore, studio game from Saudi Arabia. This game is already released on iOS and PS3 since May 2013 ago, but only this weekend Unearthed available for Windows and Mac via Steam. According to the explanation that no Steam, the game has been getting a lot of updates and changes follow feedback from gamers who already play. Continue reading

Mirror War : Reincarnation of Holiness

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Have you ever played a shooter games old classic that is always found in the arcade machine? Macross is probably one game with the most famous genre of that era. Well, now Gemscool has presented a new MMORPG game with a battle system very similar to the classic shooter game called Mirror War. Of course I was immediately intrigued when I heard about this game, and finally I decided to try. Well, I did not regret having tried it.

In War Mirror you become a young man who has spent all his life in the village in peace, while the world has been divided into two factions fought each other and the emergence of a variety of dangerous monsters. But when you’re practicing with your friend, a monster suddenly appear and kill your friend. You can only escape with a fright, and even with fear you accidentally kill a woman who you think is a monster. Continue reading

Motte Island

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Have you ever wondered if control of the camera and super fast action games, Hotline Miami, suddenly transferred into a horror game with elements of stealth? Or maybe you just imagine if there is a horror game for the PC that has a beautiful graphics like painting with watercolors? If you’ve never imagined these things, then you do not need mebayangkannya anymore, because all the things that you can find through the work of the nation horror game of this one, Motte Island.

Motte Island, which previously had discussed briefly in the Asian Games, is the first game of OneAperture, the studio that originally worked in the field of photography before finally swerved into a game developer. The game development team consists of several people who are located in 3 different countries. There are in the United States, Britain, and Indonesia. This is a great all how the distance and the time difference does not preclude OneAperture to successfully complete this Motte Island. Continue reading


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Finally after a long wait and was delayed several months, made in the nation’s game appeared officially on Steam. Dreadout, a horror game inspired by classic horror games like Fatal Frame is made by a local studio from Bandung, namely Digital Happiness. Seeing the condition of today’s horror games that no longer have vibrations like a 90s horror games, whether independent gaming supported by this Indiegogo can hit the video game world of horror through the gameplay and atmosphere offered?

Dreadout tells the story of a group of students who are forced to go into an abandoned village when they were doing a field. You will play as Linda, a high school student who was one of the student groups. In the village, Linda and comrades trapped in a haunted school and they are separated from each other. Linda is equipped with cell phones now have to try to find his friends and also find a way to get out of that godforsaken place. Continue reading


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Many aspects to judge a game, from gameplay, visuals, audio, up to the story. I think this is quite often discussed both in the Asian Games and other media. The question, often a game already has a high quality in the fourth aspect above, but it still feels like there is a void that reduces the value of the game.

But not infrequently also a game has middle to high quality in the fourth aspect, but it can be a very memorable game. This can usually occur due to minor things that might not be unthinkable in any game, or sometimes gamers themselves are not aware that even though they enjoy it. Various minor things that have a unique impression is utilized by supergiant Games to achieve their own perfection in their latest game, Transistor. Continue reading

Squishy The Suicidal Pig

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Already many mobile game that brings formula la Super Mario Bros. platformer out there. But none of the Suicidal plainly Squishy Pig in embracing the meaning of death. Yep, from the title alone, you can already guess that the suicide death is the destination with his adventures in the game pig named Squishy Squishy the Suicidal Pig. Honestly, this is the first time I played a game that actually tells players to die for further towards the next level.

At the beginning of the game Squishy Suicidal Pig, told that Squishy live peacefully together two parents until one day a butcher truck took away her father. Due Squishy young (especially with the unstable nature of his soul), severe depression Squishy which eventually determined to commit suicide so that ended up in the afterlife. Malang is undeniable, even in hell soul Squishy not well received so that he was forced to end his life again, and again. Well, that’s the plot that brings adventure in the Suicidal Squishy Pig, strange indeed. Continue reading